Customer Reviews

When construction began on the land behind our subdivision, there was an infestation of rats in our attic space. Go Green Pest Control provided a quick solution as well as a long-term solution and I’m forever grateful.

Win S.

I appreciate the personal concern and care I received from Randy. His depth of knowledge and custom treatment plan will keep us ant free.

John B.

The last thing I wanted to do was have to call a pest control company, but I have to say that the service I received was courteous, inconspicuous and professional. Many thanks for coming to our aid.

Vanessa M.

Thanks to Go Green’s regular service schedule, our rodent problem is negligible. What a relief.

Nancy W


Wow, this guy is on fire!! I called Go Green Pest Control  @ 9 am saturday morning about pavement ants. He was at my north delta house withinn an hour. Informed me of all the options that I could do from bio-degradable ground up clam shell to an instant cure. he was here and gone just like the ants.
Thx Buddy

Tom A

I rarely write reviews but I thought I should this time, plus Randy asked me too after he’d finished the job.
I had a hornet nest in the eavestrough on the peak of my house. I called Go green Pest Control and they sent Randy out within a day. He explained it was a simple solution and charged me a small service call fee.
I gave Go Green Pest Control a 4/5 because I never rate anything 5/5
Ann LB

Anna A

Go Green Pest Control came to my rescue after a long, tiresome battle trying to rid my house of some mice my cats brought in.  Randy not only helped with the capture, but recommended  useful trapping techniques for the outdoor vermin feasting on our barbecue as well.  It may well be an ongoing battle with this problem due to our great feline hunters, but at least I know who to turn to when the problem gets out of hand.  Thanks Randy!

Sandra R.

“We just moved to Ladner in April, and live on 6 acres of natural landscape. The house had not been lived in for 18 years, and plenty of “pests” had time to reproduce and make themselves welcome around our home. Our realtor recommended Go Green Pest Control, and I have been incredibly pleased with all aspects of their business. The office staff is professional, friendly and understanding. The field technician was polite, thorough, informative and a pleasure to deal with. We have dealt with mice and pack rat issues and ants, and Go Green has been patient and supportive. The young men who come to the house are well groomed, intelligent, and friendly. Go Green has done an amazing job of hiring and training exceptional individuals, and their service is the best. Never having dealt with a rat situation, I have relied on Go Green’s staff and managers to educated and guide me through the process of transitioning from city living to “Delta” living. I would highly recommend Go Green to everyone looking for help in pest control.”

Steve W.