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What the big deal about a Wasp Sting?

This time of year wasp nest call-outs is steady. So why are people so concerned about wasps, especially when the nest is high up on the roof? Wasp stings are common, uncomfortable or significant pain and irritation, and most people recover quickly.  The initial sensations can include sharp pain or burning at the sting site then redness, swelling, and itching. Then there are the large local reactions, which describes more distinct symptoms associated with a wasp. This is when people are allergic to wasp stings, including extreme redness and swelling that increases for two or three days with nausea and vomiting. Antihistamines, such as Benadryl, work to reduce discomfort. The worst allergic reactions to wasp stings are referred to as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis occurs when your body goes into shock almost immediately in response to the wasp venom. Having a bee sting kit available that contains an epinephrine injections (EpiPens) is advised to relax your muscles and blood vessels, helping your heart and respiration rates return to normal.

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Bed bugs and you

Bed bugs are tiny pests that live by nurturing on human blood, typically at night. They are cagey, hiding in cracks and crevices during day light, and coming out when the lights are out to feed. Because of their size and painless bite, bed bugs may go unnoticed for some time. Tell tail signs that you have bed bugs are itchy welts and tiny dark spots and stains on your mattress and box spring, oh and there may be a sweetish smell coming from the bed. They don’t carry any diseases but can cause irritation or allergic reactions, they are a source of stress and concern for most people. If your bed has signs of bed bugs, an economical alternative to discarding your mattress and box spring is to buy good quality, bug-proof mattress encasement.  Encasements are sacks that fit over a mattress or box spring. The bed bug-proof encasements are designed to be tight enough to prevent even the smallest life stages of the bed bugs from escaping. A good encasement will trap all bed bugs and stop them from biting through the encasement, and are smooth on the outside, providing few places for bed bugs to hide.

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Bristletails:  Silverfish or Firebrats

There are 10 different species of silverfish and only one species of firebrat and both are commonly referred to as bristletails (long appendages attached to the tip of the abdomen). Both silverfish and firebrats appear similar. Firebrats have longer antennae and tend to be a mottled gray color with patches of dark gray and lighter silver. Silverfish are gray or silver in color. Both silverfish and firebrats don’t really need a lot of water as they can usually find moisture around drains, condensate pans and wet walls. Both insects are attracted to starches, paper, cloth, and animal proteins. Silverfish and firebrats can live without food for extended periods of time and can live over three years. Simply steps to manage these pests include removing clutter and other forms of food, reducing the availability of moisture. Silverfish or firebrat infestation can be eliminated by treating cracks and crevices with the use of dusts, including inorganic materials.  

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Getting Rid of Aphids

These tiny pests have hundreds of species and their see-through bodies are usually green, red, black, yellow, or white. Aphids damage plants by sucking the sap from leaves, twigs, stems, or roots and sometimes spread plant diseases in the process. Aphid colonies can usually be found on the underside of leaves, the tips of branches or anywhere there is new plant growth. Aphids can damage ornamental plants, fruit, shade trees, flowers and vegetable gardens. Winged aphids are produced when the colony is congested or the climate is poor. Keep an eye on house and garden plants often during the growing season and inspect new house plants before bringing them indoors. Pruning infested leaves or plants may help prevent plant diseases from spreading and reduce the growth of colonies. Plants such as coriander, basil, catnip, chives, and dill may help protect other vulnerable plants from aphid invasion.

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No more peanut butter for rats


Foods like peanut butter, chocolate and cinnamon have been used as a bait to lure rats and other rodents. Rats and mice are a problem for agriculture, food storage and processing, and human and animal wellbeing. Now a collection of compounds found in foods is being used to create a long-life rat lures that could boost efforts to reduce our ever growing rodent population. There are five chemical compounds found in an assortment of foods that are rats are attractive to. The new product will have different means of application from aerosol sprays, emulsions to aromatised pliable blocks. The new product is being made to guarantee traps would be consistently attractive over a long period, without the need for repeated loading. The baits will be easy to handle and stock, economical, and able to be mass-produced.

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Kudzu Bugs

Kudzu bugs, mistake them for beetles, are a true bug because of their wing type and beak like piercing sucking mouth parts. Kudzu bugs like to feed on kudzu (climbing, coiling, and trailing perennial vines). They use their penetrating mouthparts to draw juices from the plant.  

They are considered pests because they have a habit of congregating in massive numbers on sun exposed exteriors to warm themselves when the weather gets cooler in the fall. They enter homes through cracks, crevices and holes to survive the winter where they are dormant till the spring. They have a chemical defense that is quite an unpleasant smell. Preventatives measures include closing up all openings and pesticide applications to exteriors, cracks and wall voids.

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The Dampwood Termite

These termites get their name from the decaying, wet wood that they build their nests in. They rarely nest in the soil but prefer decaying wood; in fact, they rarely touch the soil as their cousins the subterranean termites do. Dampwood termites are most common termite found in Delta and are considered an economic pest. Damaged wood that dampwood termites have attacked usually looks clean and smooth inside because they often eat across the grain, particularly in wood that is decayed. They will use their fecal matter to cover the corridors where they live from the outdoor air. When the wood dries, these poop pellets drop to the foot of the gallery and if the wood remains damp, the fecal pellets cling to the edges of their corridors. An important part of dampwood termite control is reducing the moisture. Various conditions that dampwood termites can be found in is a result of plumbing issues, leaks in roof or siding and wood that is touching the ground. If termites continue to be an issue, termiticide treatment in exposed wood is sometimes needed.  

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Mosquito Bites

Yes we all know now that it’s just the females that are so bothersome. They lock onto their victim using scent, exhaled carbon dioxide, body heat, and chemicals in the person’s sweat. Then she lands on an area of exposed skin and inserts her proboscis to suck your blood. Yes they are mosquitos’ not female vampires. Then are body’s immune system reacts to proteins in the mosquito’s saliva. And here is the kicker, they prefer men that are overweight and type O blood. Relief for the reaction to their stingers can be found in hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion and a cold ice pack. Mosquitos can carry viruses, bacteria, and parasites in their saliva such as malaria, West Nile virus, dengue fever, yellow fever, and several viruses that cause encephalitis.  When they sting you, they can spread those pathogens into your body, causing severe and even life-threatening illness.

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Spiders and Flesh Eating Diseases

Spider bites have been associated and blamed for flesh eating disease (necrotising skin infection) in many cases worldwide and now here in our back yard. The Brown recluse spiders also known as fiddleback spiders or violin spiders and the venom from a white-tailed spider are the two spiders believed to transmit the disease. As a result of flesh eating disease, many victims end up having body parts amputated. Flesh-eating disease is an infection that results in the death of the body’s soft tissue. It is a stark disease of abrupt onset that spreads quickly. Symptoms include red or purple skin in the affected area, severe pain, fever, and vomiting. Typically the infection enters the body through a break in the skin such as a cut or burn. But, the association between spiders and FED has been debunked over and over, within the last five years the popular association has never been confirmed.

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Are raccoon’s vermin and or rodents?

Our community must share space with wildlife, including raccoons, which can become aggressive in their hunt of an easy meal and accommodations. I had a client who had a raccoon get into the attic. It damaged the attic and left urine that seeped into the ceiling of the house. The individual put in a claim to their insurance company and was declined because the raccoon was considered a vermin/rodent. So is a raccoon considered vermin or a rodent?  Vermin is an idiosyncratic term, subject to many explanations depending on the bias of the translator. In fact, one dictionary’s definition of “vermin” is to include objectionable persons in the definition. Another dictionary included rodents in its examples of vermin, it was faulty logic to conclude that since all raccoons are rodents; and since rats, mice and other rodents are vermin; therefore, raccoons must be vermin. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary describes vermin as: any of a number of small animals with filthy, destructive, troublesome habits as flies, lice, bedbugs, mice, rats, and weasels. Therefore it is my opinion raccoons are neither a vermin nor rodent.

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