Our Services

Go Green Pest Control provides customized treatment plans specific to your particular need.


  • Office buildings
  • Daycare, schools
  • Hospitality industry
  • Cafes, restaurants, retail stores
  • Warehouses, distribution centers

Commercial sites require assertive control and solid prevention.
We encourage you to:

  • Care for you work environment
  • Protect your workspace, storage areas
  • Protect your reputation

Property Management

Managed properties are valuable investments that require protection.
We offer:

  • Multiple-unit scheduling
  • Ensured privacy
  • Assessment presentation at a board meeting regarding your environment, pest risks and prevention tips


  • Care for you home and your health
  • Initial inspection to ascertain necessary measures to be deployed
  • Single Treatment: Often insects or wasps, for example, may only require one treatment
  • Maintenance Series: Rodents and ants, for example, may require a series of treatments
  • Periodic Follow-up: Detect early signs of pests and avoid infestations and potential damage
  • Seal up any potential access points to minimize potential issues in the future

Why Hire Go Green Pest Control

“The main advice I have for customers to find a professional is to use a trusted source. They can check licensing status of a perspective business with the Ministry of the Environment. But mainly, they should find a company that has good reviews”

With so many pest control companies offering services in the Delta area, it can be hard to decide which one to hire. Of course, every homeowner and business owner wants to get the best possible price on pest control services, but cost isn’t the only thing that a person needs to consider when they are hiring a pest control company.

Go Green Pest Control is the clear cut best choice to handle any type of issue in a residence or business in the Delta area.

Some of the things that separate the company from the competition include:

      • Experience.Go Green Pest Control brings years of experience to every pest control job. Our expert officers at the company know the best way to deal with all types of pest control problems.
      • No Pressure.Maintenance is an important part of pest control, and every officier should advise homeowners and business owners as to the best ways to prevent re-infestations; however, Go Green Pest Control believes that consumers shouldn’t feel pressured to sign lengthy contracts and commit to long-term maintenance services.

Instead, the pest control professionals at the company recommend a maintenance schedule and allow homeowners and business owners to make their own choices as to when to re-treat their properties with no contracts required.

      • Best Methods: Green and Conventional.At Go Green Pest Control, only proven, time-tested pest control methods are used for every job.

The company invests in the best equipment and products to handle every type of extermination to ensure that homeowners and business owners get the best results possible from their services.

      • Safety.Safety is a top priority of Go Green Pest Control. All of the pest control technicians hired by the company are put through a rigorous screening process with background checks prior to hiring, and the company trains and retrains pest control technicians on the importance of safety.

The team at Go Green Pest Control communicates with business owners and homeowners on how to ensure safety during and after the treatment.

      • Licensing.At Go Green Pest Control, every pest control technician holds a professional license. The company is also fully licensed and insured, so homeowners and business owners can hire them with confidence.
      • Speed.When homeowners and business owners discover that they have pest control problems, they want to deal with the issues quickly.

That’s why Go Green Pest Control keeps a full staff at the ready to respond to emergencies and scheduled routine calls very quickly.

      • Commitment to Service.As a family owned and operated business, Go Green Pest Control has a commitment to customer service that large national chains just can’t match.

The company fosters a spirit of service among all of its pest control technicians to ensure that customers are treated fairly and that their homes and businesses are treated with the utmost respect.

Continuous Care


  • Foundation Treatment: Seal crevices around the base of your home or place of business to create a repellent barrier that is re-applied seasonally.
  • Gardens & Turf: Apply a granular time-released treatment around the perimeter as a barrier to pest activities.
  • Windows and Doors: Apply a repellent treatment with a focus on cracks, gaps, vents and electrical conduit.
  • Eaves: Removal of spider and wasp nests as well as webs to deter pests from returning.
  • Entry Points: Close off all potential access points.


  • Examine in-wall and wall voids.
  • Examine windows and doors.
  • Examine electrical outlets and switch plates.


Pests need three things to survival: food, water and shelter. Once pests get inside, getting them out becomes the challenge. To help keep pests outside where they belong, Go Green Pest Control can identify and seal numerous potential pest-entry points – many of which might otherwise be overlooked. Certain pest exclusion methods have the added result of making your facility or home more energy-efficient. Pests can enter your facility in a multitude of ways. Adult mice can pass through an opening as small as one centimetre wide, while cockroaches need only a four millimetre opening to get in. Since an open door is an invitation for pests to come inside, any door or loading dock area that is left open for long periods becomes an easy target of entry for pests. Pests can also get in on deliveries and even the clothes of customers and staff, or through less obvious and difficult to spots entry points such as small cracks in a building’s exterior. Another easy target is windows which should be regularly inspected to ensure they are properly sealed. We inspect your premises for likely areas of pest access and install exclusion devices to help deter pests from entering. Our exclusion measures include: metal flashings, metal mesh, door sweeps, vinyl door strips, window screens, insulating foam, caulking and screening.